December 16, 2018

What does your location cost?

This might be a weird question to ask, but we are in a generation where information is what many big companies can earn huge profit on. In a generation where knowing your location, they will know what job you work at, what activities you like, what shops you like, what type of shop you like, where you like to travel, know what friends you hang with, what school you're at and a lot more! They can even know your mental state based on your social behavior in the real world. Most people don't realize how powerful location data is. Problem is really not knowing location once (or even once a day), but problem is when they got location data over many days, where they can find patterns in the huge amounts of data.

So lets give the big information dog a try, google

I tried this for a day, and as you can see it knows i was driving a cat to the hospital, how long i was there, it even knew i walked back to my car. It also knows i was on a shopping center (sletten center) and it even knows i was in the Telenor shop inside the shopping center and how long i there. It then knew i drove back home... This the level of detail it gets from just some hours of use.

If you use an android phone with google account, check out and you will be surprised how much data they got on just YOU!

So let's do as google and try to use this example as data, lets say this was a normal day for me, since as i said one time data is not a huge problem, its when you have days of data. So lets times this data by 10 days, they would know

Hospital, depending on the time he spends there we can know if he works there or not, he was there an half an hour so we can conclude he does not work here. He was here everyday, so we can assume it's not a regular checkup. We know he drives car (or might be driven there) so we can conclude he does not have a emergency issue with him. driving is too slow for ambulance. We also knew he walked to the car, so this gives more info it's not an emergency. (google also know browsing/search history so if he search for cancer, they could conclude its due to cancer with him or family. but this is only about location)

Telenor is a mobile phone shop that he went to every day after the hospital, using the time again we can know if we works here or not, but was here under an hour so we will guess he like technology. (again google would get much more data so they could check if he goes into more then one tech shop etc)

We know he has a home, and we know where, We knows he has a car or someone close to him has.

So based on this little information we got a lot out of it! Think of this with the amount of data google got on location, browsing history, search history, shopping history, payment history, video history, apps history and more. It's scary.

With all this knowledge they can create a big portfolio on what you like and give you targeted ads, targeted videos, they can change your views, they can even change your political mind since they know exactly what buttons to press and a lot more!

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