December 22, 2018 · mobile

The hypocrisy

Once if the things I really see a lot of in the FOSS community is hypocrisy, this is not to blame anyone at all, but I want to shine some light on this topic. I find it weird that the community (not everyone) that swear on privacy and FOSS, keeps there always tracking device with closed source and tracking operative systems with them everywhere they go. A stock Android/Google mobile phone tracks more then any Windows PC ever will, and you don't even have root access on these devices! On desktop people will go a long way (and has done for years) to make sure to install FOSS and if things does not work they workaround it or fix it. I'm really sad to see this does not happen as much on the mobile front.

Note, Android itself is open, but most vendors does not release there source. and these devices include google services that are not open. So I count devices with Android as closed.

I do believe this has a lot to do with the difficulty of these devices, and that is true a phone is a lot more complex then desktop, there is no standard way to do anything like there is at desktop. This is why the Halium project got started, to try to make this process a lot simpler and to work together on porting devices instead of each project has to do it. But if Fuchsia comes along, we are screwed.

What options do I have right now?

Options that are not ready for daily use:

Sailfish is also good option, but it's not fully FOSS, but it does protect your privacy. Jolla also seems to go a more corporate way, and it's not as friendly alternative as it once was. This is really sad, I have been hoping for them to open source there source, but seems like they wont.

Right now the only non android FOSS alternative that is usable for daily use is Ubuntu touch, I wish there was more options. This is something i really hope to change in the feature, and i really hope we at UBports can make Linux on phone as fruitful as on desktop. This is one of the main reasons we started Halium together with KDE.

If you want to help out, please join one (or more) of the project like UBports, KDE, Halium or PostmarketOS to see if they need help. Join Halium if you want to help out the overall support for devices.

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