January 1, 2019

Thank you for 2018! Let's rock 2019

Thank you everyone for once of the most amazing year in UBports history! We have made the most amazing community ever, and I cannot thank everyone enough. We stayed strong, even after canonical dropped Ubuntu touch, we took with us Ubuntu touch and the community spirit, and made both even better! We have truly made the best community ever. This is what open source is, friendly computing, a friendly, open community for developer and users alike! A community that welcomes everyone with an open door!

It really worms my hart to see a such welcoming and friendly both the UBports and Ubuntu communities are, these are the community I have always dreamed about being a part of, and its now a reality!

My big thanks goes out to the people that created this amazing journey and the people that kept with me even tough my crazy ideas, my thanks goes to Dalton, Jan and Florian (and Brad for moral support :) ) These are the people that have been through it all, and lifted this community up!

I also have to thank, Bryan, Wayne, Joe, Joan, Dan, Ricardo, Diogo, Ewald and everyone in the UBports community you guys are truly amazing! I love all of you so much!

Also thanks to Mark Shuttleworth for making this possible!

Now lets make 2019 the YEAR of Ubuntu touch and Unity8!

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