March 17, 2019

More important than ever

We are in a time where google and apple are dominating the mobile computers and without action this dominance will just grow. We are in the right time to strike with alternatives based on FOSS software.

Why now?

Whats happening now is that the requirement for a Android or Apple phone is getting stronger, even governments are creating apps that is only supported on those platform, An example for this is Norway creating a app for Drivers licenses or that you need an app to take the buss, if not you have to pay more for the ticket if you pay by cash (50% more). These are real things that are happening in Norway. I can't speak for other countries, but i assume same things are happening. When even more of this happens, it will be monopoly by them. None will buy something else since you can't run your required apps to even drive or take the buss.

We are also in a time where Google is slowly closing the "open" gap to make an alternative. With this I mean there are constant actions by google to control open source ( also if Fuchsia becomes a success Google will become the worst nightmare, with its permissive licenses it WILL be closed sourced by vendors rendering the open source nature of it useless. Same happens with android today, but since the kernel is GPL we can still use that to create alternatives (like Ubuntu touch and plasma mobile).

Apple is already closed, but on the flip side they are a lot more privacy friendly then google. I don't really care about Apple, they are in there own little bubble.

What we need?

We need an operative system that is controlled by the community and NOT built to create money. We need an operative system that is created by and for the users, and it needs to respect the users freedom and privacy. And last it needs to be FOSS and mostly GPL! GPL is important so the code stays open and free!

Who does NOT fit our needs?

Who fits our needs?

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